Shoreline Landowner Resources

Shoreline landowners are stewards of ecologically important real estate. The Jefferson MRC and Northwest Straits Foundation Shore Friendly Program continue to share educational resources and co-sponsor workshops for landowners, addressing questions about coastal geology, sediment movement along the shore, the role of feeder bluffs, causes of erosion, vegetation management and ecologically appropriate options for stabilization. Our goal is for more homeowners to understand how shoreline processes work so they can choose the best options for protecting their properties while promoting healthy shorelines.

Shore Friendly Living Series

"Shore Friendly Living" is a video series created by the Northwest Straits Foundation in partnership with other Shore Friendly programs across Puget Sound. Learn about our region's geology, coastal processes, shoreline armoring and natural alternatives, and more by clicking on the links for each episode below:

-- Episode 1: Coastal Beaches and Bluffs
-- Episode 2: Managing Shoreline Erosion: Bulkheads or Natural Solutions
-- Episode 3: Restoring the Connection between Land and Water
-- Episode 4: Native Plants: Holding the Shoreline Together
-- Episode 5: Stewards of Our Shoreline
-- Episode 6: Trees & Views 

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Shoreline Landowner Resources